About Me

Like it says in Who is the Wooly Witch, I’m a wool loving witchy woman living in New England.


Some quick statistics

  • I’m in my 30s.
  • I have curly hair, and right now it’s blue :).
  • I love to knit, crochet, and spin yarn on drop spindles (mostly top whorl) and on my Ashford Scholar spinning wheel.
  • I have two cats, I would have more, but the current two are change-averse and we value peace in the house.
  • I married my beautiful wife in 2007 and we couldn’t be happier.
  • My wife is vegetarian and so we are 99% vegetarian at home (my only real hold outs are the occasional slice of bacon, and when we go to Red Robin I’ll get a cheeseburger).
  • My witchyness is very eclectic, my wife, who is also a witch, and I include elements from many religious traditions into our spiritual paths.  A lot of it boils down to don’t be a jerk, trust your heart, and respect the natural world, and that there is always something new to learn.
  • I love to read and collect tarot cards.
  • I also like gardening and that kind of thing, but I’m still learning a lot.  Someday I want to have half my yard be covered in herbs.
  • I love to write, mostly fiction.
  • I collect Asian Ball Jointed dolls (also called BJDs).

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