Card of the Day: Queen of Cups


Today’s card of the day is the Queen of Cups from the Universal Goddess Tarot

IMG_0561In the Universal Goddess Tarot the Queen of Cups depicts Yemaya, Yoruban ruler of the sea. She is the goddess of generosity, good feelings, love, tolerance, and fidelity.  A very appropriate goddess for the Queen of Cups.  There’s a very maternal energy in this card.

Yemaya sits on a throne constructed of seashells and what looks like octopus arms.  Her hair also sort of echoes those octopus arms as well with her dreadlocked hair.  Strands of pearls adorn her multi layered dress and her jewelry is made of more pearls and seashells.  She is serene and in control of her surroundings.  Even though the ocean is clearly moving around her, shown by the movement of her hair and the bubbles around her, She sits serene and untroubled.

When the Queen of cups appears in a spread she’s a calming and comforting influence.  She has a very nurturing energy, someone easy to talk to who actively listens.  She offers gentle but firm advice.  She will comfort you when someone breaks your heart but she won’t enable you to go back to the jerk to let them do it again.  She has mastered her emotions, but that phrase doesn’t quite fit.  In our culture when we speak of mastering emotions the phrase tends to connote a stoic man who is unaffected while anger and grief rage around him, and that’s not this queen at all.  She feels deeply and maturely, but she does not let her emotions destroy her.  Instead she holds space to honor all the feelings of the Cups suit and helps others to learn to honor their own.

She may appear in a spread when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  She can help you understand that it’s okay to cry when you need to and to help you ensure other people don’t treat your poorly because you feel.  Trust her advice and honor your feelings, it’s much more healthy to give them the space they need than to just try to force them down.  Let the water of her oceans wash and soothe you.


Card of the Day: Six of Cups


Today’s card of the day is the Six of Cups from the Wild Unknown Tarot.

IMG_0614A rainbow proliferation of roots spreads deep underground beneath the silhouette of a tree.  The six cups line the edge of the card, balancing the image and anchoring it.

 The six of cups is traditionally a card that talks about innocence and childhood.  It’s a card about nostalgia, and you can sort of read the card that way here, but to me it’s got a slightly different meaning.

If you think about it, the roots represent the tree’s ‘childhood’.  The beginnings of those roots were there before the tree even broke through the earth with its first tender shoot.

At first my interpretation was mostly “the roots are the past and the tree is the future”.  The roots have color and so they’re the lived experiences that we draw from as we move through our lives, the body of the tree is dark because the future is an unknown thing, not yet colored by our experiences.  And I still think that’s a valid way to read this.  However, as I was writing this, another reading lept into my mind.  The roots aren’t just the past, because the roots, just like the tree, aren’t finished growing.  They continue growing unseen beneath the earth the entire time the tree grows toward the sky.

I think the beautiful rainbow of roots represents the parts of the tree (part of our lives) that are unseen to other people.  When this card shows up, it’s a reminder that there is more to a situation than meets the eye.  Maybe there’s more to yourself than you realize.  Your ‘colorful’ past means that you have so much more life experience to draw on.

The colors underground also read as a symbol of light.  We see white light with our naked eyes, but when you bend that same light through a prism you can see the full spectrum of visible light played out as a rainbow.  Here you can see the rainbow underneath the soil, but it’s not visible above ground.  It’s still there, it’s just not visible to the naked eye anymore.

This is a hopeful and encouraging note for this card.  It means that even if you can’t see the value/strength/beauty in yourself, it’s still in there.  You just have to look for it, do that hard work of digging down into the earth of yourself to find those col0rs.

The Cups suit is all about our feelings, so this card encourages you to look back at your experiences and try to remember the things we’ve experienced and how it’s helped us to become the people we are.  Some things in our lives are good, some are bad, but they all contribute to the person we have become and can help us move towards the person we want to be.   Feel the vast network of roots beneath you and know that you have growing to do and that the light is inside you.

Card of the Day: Seven of Cups


Today’s card is the Seven of Cups from the Night Vale Tarot

Today’s card depicts everyone’s favorite scientist, Carlos!  This card img_0544depicts that terrifying moment where Carlos went into The Condo.  In case you haven’t heard the episode (and I encourage you to do so if you haven’t, it was an amazing episode!!) Condos appear for sale in Night Vale and Carlos goes to investigate them and possibly buy one for himself and Cecil.  The condos draw people in, showing them images of things that they are fascinated by–for some it’s a lost city in a jungle, for others it’s endless rows of scientific equipment.  In each case the person must choose between this perfect fantasy life that is only an illusion or their real life which might be disappointing but is real.

It’s an imperfect summation of the episode, so here’s a quote that I think helps capture the energy of the moment.  Carlos has stepped into the Condo, as you can see in the card, and Cecil has come to bring him back.

“And there was a moment. There was a moment, dear listeners, where I considered it. I considered joining Carlos and becoming perfect. But I’ve come to know something after these months together with dear Carlos.

Perfection isn’t real. Perfection isn’t human. And Carlos is not perfect, no. Even better — he is imperfect.

Everything about him, and us, and all of this, is…it’s imperfect! And those imperfections in our reality are the seams and the cracks into which our out-sized love can seep and pool. And sometimes we are annoyed, and disappointed, and that too is a part of how love works. It is not a perfect system, but…

Oh, well.

And so I resisted.

I fought off the vision of the shrouded figures and the dark planet and all that was perfect and I held close to imperfection.

To my imperfection.

And to my imperfect Carlos.”

Condos – Welcome to Night Vale

The Seven of Cups is a card of many choices.  In this depiction there are so many Condos!  So many ‘perfect’ lives that you can pick from.  Standing there and seeing them all could paralyze you.  You know that by making a choice, even if it looks like a really good choice, it means that you are not choosing one of the others.  The Night Vale Seven of Cups reminds us that is is important not to be paralyzed by fear of making the wrong choice.

In some other depictions of the Seven of Cups a person looks at a selection of cups all with exciting things in them, and the message there is to not get lost in wondering over all the possibilities and forget to act at all.

The Night Vale Seven of Cups is a little different.  With the condos the choices aren’t exactly exciting, they’re kind of terrifying.  This card is showing you a choice between a perfect imaginary life where you give up your free will or a real life that you choose but might be imperfect.  Do you embrace the imperfections like Cecil or do you let yourself get lost in the dreamworld?

In your life you’ll make choices and some might mean disappointment, but it is better to choose and continue living than to get so trapped in fear of losing that perfect life that you don’t live any kind of life at all?  Make your choice.

Card of the Day: King of Cups


Today’s draw is from Paulina Cassidy’s Joie de Vivre deck.  This deck is a very whimsical and fantastical deck and it has a very Tim Burton meets the world of Faerie feel to it.  Each card has a name and a story to go along with the traditional interpretation of the card.  This King is named Serenity and he’s described as a healer.


This king radiates power.  It’s a calm and quiet strength.  You won’t find him shouting in any kind of conflict, he’s the figure who calmly presides over a chaotic situation without letting anyone get hurt or overly distressed.  He stands ready to listen and offer counsel when you ask.  I particularly like the dichotomy of motion and stillness I read in this card.  The arc of his magic from the bowl over his head to his open and outstretched hand gives me the impression of a a graceful circle dance, but the rest of his posture is that of a fixed point, a confident and steady stance.

There’s also a wonderful gender fluidity to this king.  He is wearing a gown that reminds me of Queen Elizabeth with that ruffled collar and the ruffled over dress, and there are hearts all over it.  You can see the blending of energies here.  He tells me that gender is performative and that it exists on a spectrum, it’s not a fixed point, we can all move around as we feel comfortable on that spectrum.  I also like that he is filling almost the entire space of this card.  He reminds us that it’s okay to take up space, even if we don’t fit that exact mold that our culture tells us we must fit.  Wear your dress, speak your truth, and trust your heart.  Take up Space.

As a message for the day he reminds us to take time to heal ourselves when we need to. He offers his gentle but powerful healing magic and reminds us to care for ourselves and our hearts.  He is showing us that our emotions and feelings (the water in the cup) can be transformative (as it becomes light, water into steam into magic).  Let yourself engage in some creative emotional work, don’t shy away from it and it can illuminate you.  Also don’t be afraid to express yourself, whether that’s wearing a giant Elizabethan dress or busted sneakers and your favorite T shirt.